Customer Highlights

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Curriculum / Education Industry

UCSC - Extension

UCSC was able to deploy a new web-to-print solution that enabled 100% electronic submission of class material orders and material fulfillment without the school having to get involved beyond submitting a student/curriculum spreadsheet at the beginning of each quarter.


Customer Testimonial

“We have been using CMC for more than a 3 years now for on-demand printing, order fulfillment and distribution. CMC is our answer to avoiding the expense of an entire order fulfillment department..."

— Wanda C.

Fulfillment / Manufacturing Industry

Medical Device Company

CMC created a print and fulfillment solution that responded to the medical device company’s customized information needs. This required the alignment of complex database models between the company, CMC, and shipping carrier, all the while ensuring accuracy and timeframe compliance with stringent federal and regionalized regulations.


Print On-Demand / Software Industry

Cadence Design Systems

The Cadence marketing team’s incumbent printer was unable to fulfill a last minute order for 500 conference booklets, required for the start of Cadence’s annual User Conference later that evening.

We provided a hard proof in-hand by noon, and delivered the final programs, printed, bound, and boxed, to their conference 15 miles away by 4pm.

Clients Include:

actiance and cmcboston scientific and cmc cardica and cmcengagio and cmcflexera and cmc flex and cmc Kaiser Thrive and CMC nuance and cmcnutanix and cmc recology and cmc togos and cmc xilinx and cmcondemand   nokia cmcondemand Splunk and CMCxactly and cmc   zendesk and cmc

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